Me-Made-March: Day 27!

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Rocking the Spinster Librarian look...hard.
Tube Top Italiano
Me-Made-March: Day 23!

Just when I thought spring had finally made its grand entrance, temps dropped to 42 degrees, and rain began bucketing from the skies.  I am not pleased. :(

Rocking the Spinster Librarian look...hard.

This dress wasn’t helping my mood.  It fit fine, but the pretty floral fabric was quite thick.  With that stifling turtleneck, too-long sleeves, and abundant length, I wasn’t going to have any fun. 

I began by tackling that turtleneck.  This thing was extremely well-secured, so removing it took about 30 minutes! 

Hot seam-ripping action!

Once the turtleneck was off, I seam-ripped an inch more to widen the neck for more of a boatneck look.

just a liiiiitle more...

The next step was easy.  Step 1: Chop.  Step 2: Chop.  Step 3: Chop with glee!

Triple Chop!

All this ripping and chopping left me with a bunch of raw edges to take care of.  I started with the neck.  I made a nice ‘n teeny rolled hem.

Keep that hem a rollin'!

Next, I pinned and sewed hems for the sleeves and bottom of the skirt.

Pin it! Do it!
Sew that sleeve! Do it!

I pressed my new hems and was ready to brave the rainy crudtastic day!

My rain boots have purple ponies on them!

Well…almost ready…

Baby, it's cold outside!

The fella and I scurried off into the cold to meet up with some buds for a square-themed potluck!  :)

Make Room for Squares
Our Contribution: Homemade Krystal Burgers with Havarti!
The Flick and I


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