Me-Made-March: Day 27!

Rocking the Spinster Librarian look...hard.
Tube Top Italiano
Me-Made-March: Day 23!

Just when I thought spring had finally made its grand entrance, temps dropped to 42 degrees, and rain began bucketing from the skies.  I am not pleased. :(

Rocking the Spinster Librarian look...hard.

This dress wasn’t helping my mood.  It fit fine, but the pretty floral fabric was quite thick.  With that stifling turtleneck, too-long sleeves, and abundant length, I wasn’t going to have any fun. 

I began by tackling that turtleneck.  This thing was extremely well-secured, so removing it took about 30 minutes! 

Hot seam-ripping action!

Once the turtleneck was off, I seam-ripped an inch more to widen the neck for more of a boatneck look.

just a liiiiitle more...

The next step was easy.  Step 1: Chop.  Step 2: Chop.  Step 3: Chop with glee!

Triple Chop!

All this ripping and chopping left me with a bunch of raw edges to take care of.  I started with the neck.  I made a nice ‘n teeny rolled hem.

Keep that hem a rollin'!

Next, I pinned and sewed hems for the sleeves and bottom of the skirt.

Pin it! Do it!
Sew that sleeve! Do it!

I pressed my new hems and was ready to brave the rainy crudtastic day!

My rain boots have purple ponies on them!

Well…almost ready…

Baby, it's cold outside!

The fella and I scurried off into the cold to meet up with some buds for a square-themed potluck!  :)

Make Room for Squares
Our Contribution: Homemade Krystal Burgers with Havarti!
The Flick and I


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6 thoughts on “Me-Made-March: Day 27!

  1. wow, the dress is like a night and day change!! great job (and, bonus, if you spill red vino on it, it won’t show!!). I can relate to your weather disappointment. I live in Portland and even for here we’ve had a record rainy, chilly winter-we still haven’t hit 60! Keep up the great work.

  2. Greetings from London!
    This is possibly my favourite so far! The print is so pretty. Any idea of the age of the original garment? It looks pretty ‘vintage’ to me.

    1. I dig your blog, Sally! It’s nice to find like-minded people. :) I’m glad you like my dress! Honestly, it looks like it’s from the 80’s, just going by how it’s constructed. The print is much more vintage-looking though! :)

  3. I absolutely love your refashioning! You have inspired me to do some for myself. I have been so frustrated for so long with the crap they are selling in the stores. The stuff is either oooglay (love your word!!!) or nothing fits me right. Thank you for the inspiration I have needed for so long!!!!

    And I have to say, I am jealous of all of your fantastic friends!!! You guys always seems to have the most “interesting” get-togethers! “Oscar Night” and “Square-Themed Potluck,” etc, etc, etc. How imaginative! And in your pics, you all always seem to be having the greatest time together!!! I wish I had friends and fun like that. Can I come hang out with you all sometime???? Hahahaha!

    Thank you for being the FABULOUSO person that you are!!!

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