Me-Made-March: Day 20!

Me-Made-March: Day 23!
Me-Made-March: Day 10!

Happy St.  Pat’s (observed)!  I needed something green and lightweight for an 87 degree !


It's Frumptastic!


That print rocks my socksies off (hence my lack of socks), but the long sleeves and that frumpy neck tie thingy weren’t going to work today.

I carefully seam-ripped off the neck tie thingy and set it aside.




Then, I used a simple halter top from my closet as a template.


See where I'm going here?


I traced the top of the halter top in chalk on the back of the shirt, and the back of the halter top on the front of the shirt, allowing a seam allowance, as well as an allowance for the casing where the drawstring would go.  I snipped the top of the shirt off along the chalked line.




Then, I took the sides of the shirt in.


Taking it in!
Taking it in - Step 2!

I sewed down the raw edges on the sides where my arms would go.


Sewing it down!


Then, I made a casing at the top of my halter-top-to-be.


Pin that casing!
Sew that casing!


The back of my halter top was still a raw mess, so I made quick work of closing that up as well.  :)


Stitch up that back!


All my raw edges were closed up, and my halter top was complete…almost!  I took the neck tie thingy and closed up the part that was attached to the top of the original shirt.


Close it!


I attached a safety pin to one end of the neck tie thingy, and threaded it through the casing of the halter top.


Ready to be thready!


And that’s it!  I was all set for a day of drunken revelry in the streets of 5 points!!!!


Le front!



Le back!


I am in love with my new halter top.  It is awesome sauce!  Speaking of sauce…rather, getting sauced…

Me & Fella!


Me & Erin!





Me & Buds!



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