Me-Made-March: Day 9!

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Where did day 8 go, you ask?  Nowhere important.  :)  I wore this dress, and had a very typical day that ended with me gorging on strawberry shortcake.  :)

However, for Day 9 of Me Made March, I wanted something new!  I thought this frock would do nicely!

Paisley Park

That’s some sweet hair I’m rockin, right?  Blerg!  Growing out your hair is just a pain.  Either I look like a spinster who has given up, or the 5th Beatle!  Anywho…that dress wasn’t helping either.  I loathed the velvet-lined cuffs and collar.  However, I loved the paisley print, even though it’s really quite dated nowadays.  There was hope!  :)

First, I removed the collar, which took a while.  I carefully seam ripped it out.


Then, I chopped of those sleeves a bit.


That length needed to go too!


These changes left me with a bunch of raw edges to clean up.  first, I pinned the seams of the collar back together again.

Restoration in Progress!

Then, I pinned the hem at the bottom, as well as the sleeves.  Pinning and prepping always takes much more time than running everything through the machine, which is the easy part.  :)

The Easy Part
It's really not hard. :)

Once I sewed everything up, I was done!

Paisley Perfect!

As you can see, I’m covering up my dowdy tresses with my favorite crocheted beret!  It was a bit chilly in the evening, so I also donned leggings and a sweater before heading off to Karaoke Night at Art Bar.  :)

Chilly Chillin'!

I was out at midnight (yes…on a school night) to celebrate the start of my 29th year!!!!!!  Thanks to everybody who helped me ring it in with panache!  :)  Cheers!

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