Me-Made-March: Day 7!

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Oy.  I was one sleepy lady today.  For reasons unknown, sleep refused to find me last night, so I was a Groggy McGroggerson all day.  :(  Rest assured, I wore a scarf I made a while back, but not very stylishly over a t-shirt and a sweater with jeans to fulfill my Me-Made-March commitment.

I spent my evening on the sofa, catching up on my Dr. Who episodes, but still felt the urge to do a refashion.  I decided to use this wristlet (yep, I bought a few with my last one :), and a scrap from the previous day’s refashion.

This wristlet is aching for an upgrade!

I cut a strip from the scrap.

Strip tease!

Then, I took a needle and thread, and began gathering it…not really even sure what I had in mind.

Please note my sexy South Park PJ pants.

Then, I sewed the two ends of the strip together, gathering those as well.  It sort of looked like a lily pad, which made me happy.  :)

I stitched my lily pad in place, using a pretty green button from my big tin ‘o buttons, then tacked down the lily pad in a few places to keep it from flopping around.

Kyle looks skeptical. :/

Now I have a fun new wristlet to wear out on the town when I’m not so sleepy!  :)

Fancy Schmancy!
Nighty night!


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