Me-Made-March: Day 6!

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Today was another jeans day for me, so I needed another top!  I started with this nightgown.

What?! It's not my bed time!

Two things needed to go buh-bye.  First off, I hated that stupid tie thing in the front.

Buh-Bye, functionless tie!

Next, I needed to get rid of the length.  I ended up making two cuts, as it really wasn’t short enough from the first go.


As this fabric wasn’t going to fray, and my cut was pretty clean, I decided to forgo hemming it.  I still didn’t like frou-frouness of the front, so I turned it around.  I think it looks much less nightgowny this way.  :)


Yep…here I am at the museum again, wincing in the sun!  I swung by to see Who Shot Rock ‘n Roll, a Photographic History, 1955-present, which I missed the last time I was there.  :)  I highly recommend checking this out!

Later that night, I went bowling with The Art Bar Players and their significant others!  My highest score was a 94…not too shabby for only bowling a couple of times ten years ago!  :)

The Orange Ball of Doom!


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