Me-Made-March: Day 5!

Me-Made-March: Day 6!
Me Made March: Day 4!

Today’s piece for began as a rather frumpish maxi skirt.

Pleased to meetcha!

I liked the plaid print (something I own very little of), but it just wasn’t doing it for me as a skirt.  I hiked it up under my arms, and surprisingly it stayed up all on its own.  I tossed on a belt and a few accessories and was all set for a date night with the fella.  :)

I promise I'm not as thin as I look in this pic. I'm just standing at a weird angle. :)

see that black thing that’s roped around my neck a few times?  That’s a fabric necklace/scarfish thing that I made from a jersey knit pillow case.  All I did was cut several strips from it, and then sewed them end to end to make a big circle.

Keeping it cozy in a nubby sweater.

We went to the to see The King’s Speech, which was completely amazing, and definitely worthy of the Oscar!  Afterwards, we stopped by for some tasty Mac n Cheese and an equally tasty Wheat Ale.  T’was a fun, relaxing evening!

*gulp* *gulp*


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