Black & White & Oh-So-Right

Electric Blue
Basket Case

The first thing to make me go “Yech!” about this dress was those huuuuuge shoulder pads!  I mean really…try to wrap your mind around their enormity.

I'm reeeeeal uncomfortable with this!
I might as well be wearing these.

I quickly snipped off the offending pads.

They're as big as my foot!
What the What?!?!?!?!! They're as big as my head!

The pads were the worst thing about this dress.  It was only after I removed them that I was able to see its potential.  The positives that originally drew me to this dress enough to invest a dollar for its acquisition were now more obvious than ever.  I loved the print, the pockets, and the cut of the dress.  There was, of course, still work to be done.

I didn’t like the length of the sleeves, and the skirt needed a bit of shortening (but only a bit!).

Basement Kitteh seems to be over the refashioning process. :(

I pinned all those raw edges to get them ready for my machine.

Pin that hem!
Pin that sleeve!

I loaded my machine with black thread and put my prepped hems under the needle.


Now that I had my new hems…well…hemmed, I had to do something about that collar.  I wasn’t digging it.  It just didn’t work with the rest of the dress, especially with the new direction I was taking it in.  I carefully seam ripped it off.

Carrrrrrefully removing that stuffy collar.
Collar, begone!

After the collar was fiiiiinally off, I pinned the edges that I had just opened to remove it together and sewed them back up.

Sewing those raw edges back down.
Sewing those raw edges back down.

I put the dress on, removed the first two buttons, and folded each side in to make a V-neck.  I safety pinned them where I liked them, and ran each side through my machine.

I still wasn’t done.  I hadn’t made a sash for a dress in a while, and this dress could use one to cinch the waist just a tad.  I grabbed the scrap I cut off the bottom of the dress, folded the raw edge under twice, matching the folded under part with the pre-existing hem.

Making a sassy sashy!

I quickly finished my prepped hem with my machine.

Sewing that sassy sashy!

And that’s it!  I was done and ready to dash out the door for my lovely friend, David’s birthday dinner at Mr. Friendly’s (one of my faves!).

I'm in love with this dress.
Happy Birthday, David!!! :)
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