Infinity…not as long as you might think.

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A Sweater Made Better
Holidays on Ice

When I moved to the south, I naturally thought temperatures would err on the side of too warm, with blazingly hot summers and mild winters.  I was mistaken.  Oh yes…the summers are hideously hot and humid, but winters still get frigid.  This is one of those times.  Brrrrrrrr.  So here I am, smack (yes, smack) in the middle of a cold snap in “Famously Hot” Columbia, SC (that’s our slogan…pretty awful, huh?), with temperatures dipping into the low teens. 

I wanted a soft, comfy infinity scarf to wear today, but didn’t have one I liked.  No prob.  I knew I could make one in 10 minutes.  First, I took this scrap from a previous refashion.

Hi. I'm Mr. Scrap!

What we have here is the leftover bit from a shortened dress.  I saved it, because I loooooove how soft the fabric is.  It would feel oh-so-nice wrapped around my neck all day long.  :)

I first took this strip of fabric, folded it in half, and pinned the raw edges together (with it inside-out).

pinning across the length of my soon-to-be-scarf!

Then, I ran the length of the fabric through my machine, creating a tube of fabric.

Hot needle-in-fabric action!

I turned the tube of fabric right side out, so the raw edge was hidden.

Tube 'o Fabric

Then, I took each end of my newly created fabric tube and tucked one into the other, folding the outside one in to hide the raw edge.

Almost done!

I ran this through my machine, and Viola!  I have a new scarf that I’m quite taken with.  It’s not a very long one, but you can see how easy it would be to make a longer one from the bottom of a fuller skirt. 

Warm and Cozy! :)

My lil shawty scarf suits me just fine.  :) 

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