Puppy Love

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That's a Wrap (skirt)!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today’s dress began as a not-so-hot matronly mess.

The opposite of attractive

‘Nuff said, right?  I liked the pretty purple floral print, and the fabric was delightfully soft.  But this wasn’t going to work out as-is.

First off, I removed these icky guys.

Ick! Pads!

Shoulder pads gross me out.  You know how everyone talks about sponges being breeding grounds for bacteria?  That’s how I feel about shoulder pads…and people sewed these permanently into their clothes?!?!!! ACK!  The “before” shots where I’m wearing shoulder pads always make me a bit squeamish. 

Now that the detestable pads were gone, I needed to make a couple of cuts. 

They joyous return of Basement Kitteh!
Byeeeee frumpy sleeves!

Next, I pinned down those raw edges so they wouldn’t fray. 


I threaded my machine with some purple thread, and got to bidness.

Hem that Hem!
Hem that Sleeve! Do it!

Now I needed to take on that lame neckline.  First off, I removed the first few buttons from the top of the dress, including this one.

Kiss my brass(,) button!

I pinned the neckline down into a V, and ran each side  through my sewing machine.  I pressed all my new hems and was good to go!

A major improvement!

The new sleeve length was terrif, but not adequate to keep me warm and toasty on this chilly November day.  I threw on one of my favorite 2 G’s cardigans while at work.

Seriously...one of my favorite sweaters ever!

After work, I went to my sister’s house for some family time and puppy love.  :)

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