Pineapple Express Yo Self

She Wore Blue Polyester...

First day of Fall my ass.  While stores are pimping their sweaters and pea coats, temps are still in the 90’s here in Columbia, SC…hence my pick for today. 

Pineapple = Flavor of the Day!


 How weird is that solo pocket???  There is an anti-lefty bias going on here, and I shall not stand for it!  

I needed a cute lil dress to wear for a verrrry funny lady’s birthday cookout after work…and time was against me (time = my bf constantly reminding me that we reallllllly needed to get going soon so we wouldn’t be late).  Not to fear.  I had a plan! 

First off, I seam ripped off the sleeves… 

Going sleeveless!


 Then I pinned the raw edges of the armholes under and sewed them down… 

Pinned and ready to go under the needle!


 Then, I put the muumuu back on and measured from the hips, waist, and boobies where I’d need to take it in.  I pinned it accordingly, and under the needle it went! 

Hot De-bulkifying Action!


 Once it was sewn, I trimmed off the edges… 

Hot Trimming Action!


 Then I removed some of that length so my calves could come out and party too (bug bitten though they may be from this endless summer)… 

It's shaping up, y'all!


I did a quick little hem… 

Pinned and GTG!


Hot Hemming Action!


TA DA!  After a quick press, I was ready to partay with the lovely birthday girl, Andrea!  :)  

Me and the extremely funny improv comedienne, Andrea!


 Oh, and you have no way of knowing this, but Andrea is a SlipsKnute, too!  she made that gorgeous top she’s wearing out of a skirt!  A skirt!!! That red is just stunning on her!  :) 

My legs look freaskishly short in this pic...


Happy Fall everbody! :)

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