Scarf it up baby! Scarf. It. Up.

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Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia
Tunic or not Tunic?

Hey guys…remember this (seriously…it was only last week…try to keep up)?   

Look at those ties! Eeeep!


…which I turned into this?   

a vision in blue!


Well…this refashioning left something behind…the cut off extra length from the bottom of the dress. days...


As it lay there on the floor, I swear I heard it say, “Seven Days!”  in that creepy voice from The Ring.   

Was I going to let this scrap of fabric haunt me from its grave? Oh hell no.  Hell.  No.   

leave no scrap behind!


No real reason for including this pic, other than I think I look just precious.


I refused to be bullied by fabric ghost!  As I really loooooove that hue of blue, I couldn’t just toss it out.  Instead, I simply wrapped it around my neck three times to make my new eternity scarf.  Sweet!  Another no-sew super easy refashioning!  Perfect for giving my black on black work ensemble a bit of panache, as well as classing up my more casual evening wear.  :)   

It's SKAGZILLA, Columbia's most awesome (and tallest) Roller Derby Announcer!!!!!
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